Board of Trustees

God has given Global Faith Mission Agency a group of qualified people who have a passion for global mission work to serve on our Board of Trustees.  Each member of the Board is a firm believer in the Scriptural principles which address our responsibility in fulfilling the Great Commission.  The Board of Trustees holds Global Faith accountable for carrying out our ministry according to these principles.

Financial Accountability

Global Faith Mission Agency is incorporated and is a 501(c)(3) status.  We are committed to financial accountability to our missionaries, donors, and the Internal Revenue Service.

We employ an external auditing firm to perform annual audits of our financial statements and records. 

Missionary Accountability

Each missionary is to be accountable to their sending church as well as to Global Faith. 


At Global Faith, we are firm believers in the role of the local church in fulfilling the Great Commission.  As a missionary agency, we do not attempt to replace the sending church of the missionary. However, the church also recognizes the value of a mission agency in the details of international operations.  Our goal at Global Faith is to work hand in hand with the sending church as we represent their missionary.