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Missionary Care

The life of a missionary is sometimes viewed as adventuresome and exotic. Many believers admire Adoniram Judson and his amazing ministry in Burma. Church members may envision missionaries in the same light as Dr. Livingstone as he explored the jungles of Africa. It is easy to get excited about smuggling Bibles across borders, planting new churches, discipling new believers, and evangelism!

While there is adventure and excitement in reaching the nations for Christ, there are also difficult obstacles and trials set in days of mundane living. Missionaries are real people who face real issues. These issues can be unknown to or overlooked by supporting churches. It is through a Missionary Care program that missionaries receive the help and support they need. Missionary care helps prevent missionaries from becoming burned out and returning home prematurely.

What Is Missionary Care: Why Is It Important?

Missionary care is the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical support which missionaries receive from their home churches and mission agencies throughout their ministry. It is critical to their overall success and health. Unfortunately, the missionary may find it difficult to ask for needed help because of an unrealistic image of missionaries by some.

Meet our Missionary Care Coordinators

Greg & Wendy Mann

Greg & Wendy Mann

Greg and Wendy Mann have served as missionaries since 1999. Their ministry involves evangelism, church planting, and training national church leadership in Guyana. Greg has also served as a missions professor and travelled internationally coaching and encouraging missionaries in various countries around the world.

Angela Harper

Angela Harper and her husband, Wayne, served as missionaries in Australia for over 3 decades. Since Wayne’s passing in 2014, Angela has continued to serve faithfully in mission work. The combination of her spiritual gifts, missionary work, and life experiences uniquely qualify her for the ministry of Missionary Care.