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The Booths in Portugal

Helping those in need

The Booths recently received a call from the Portuguese Social Security office asking their church to help a family of four that had no money or food. The office normally calls on the local Catholic church, but it was closed during the summer vacation of the clergy. As a result, the Booths were able to give this family food, and the family has been attending their church ever since. This family also helps with food distribution to other needy families and is also taking a neighbor to church with them. David and Sarah were so encouraged by this "ripple effect of meeting people's needs while sharing the hope of the gospel."

From Ukrainian to Portuguese

The Booths have enjoyed getting to know Yuri and Kristina, a Ukrainian couple that come to church. Unfortunately they don't speak Portuguese or English. But Susana, a new convert and faithful church member, is using her skills as a translator to teach Yuri and Kristina Portuguese. Susana is also translating discipleship courses from English to Portuguese. It's helping her learn more about the Bible, and will help so many others in the church too. 

The Booths are so encouraged by these new attenders, and by Susana faithfully using her gifts to serve others in the church. Susana, Yuri, and Kristina on the right using the sanctuary for Portuguese lessons.