The Daniels in brazil

Annual church retreat and weekly teen meetings

The Daniels encouraged families to attend the retreat together since some parents have dropped off their teenage children at past retreats. As a result, there are several new families that enjoyed the retreat and have continued to attend the Sunday morning worship service. The Daniels have also resumed their mid-week prayer meeting along with their teen meeting at the same hour. Some of those teens have been bringing their parents to visit on Sundays. Pray for the Daniels as they minister to their congregation.

The Pattons in Hungary

Leadership training

Last month Marc launched his leadership training program. He developed curriculum with his worship pastor designed to encourage the next generation of leaders to serve at Focus Church. They meet once a month for several hours of teaching, discussion, and prayer. There are currently nine young adults participating, and each of those also receives opportunities to serve alongside the church's current leaders. Pray for the Pattons to have effectiveness in this ministry.

The Grenades in Mauritius

Furlough coming up

Pascal and Becky ask that you would pray that God would raise up pastors for the ministry in Mauritius. There are several local churches without pastors. Also, meetings are still restricted to 10 people at the church building. The Grenades have been able to have meetings in their home where the restrictions don't apply. This was a recent youth Bible study. The Grenades are considering coming to the states soon for furlough. Please pray for them as they plan that in the next few months.

The suddeths in Panama

Church growth and missions

"Missions is not the task of a country, but rather the task of the local church," said Roy Seals, Director of Global Faith Mission Agency. He visited the Suddeths, Ashley Moore, Emily Puckett and their church, Iglesia Bautista de Costa Verde in March. Clip and Mary are excited that many in their church have taken an interest in global missions, and see it as their responsibility. They also finished a membership class at the church recently, and are encouraged about the interest shown in joining their church.